HELLO BEAUTIFUL NOTHING is Wall of Ears' most personal and extreme sonic vision yet; ten songs that represent the ultimate reflection of my human / alien hybrid soul.

HELLO BEAUTIFUL NOTHING is the second full-length title from Wall of Ears. It was recorded over the span of three years on both the East and West coasts, and features collaborations with many incredible musicians, poets, artists, and friends. 

This album is a mantra on the disintegrating boundaries between reality and obliteration. It documents an extreme creative period in my life as a songwriter. While writing this album, I was heavily influenced by galactic communication, ideas surrounding the forthcoming singularity, outsider music, and collaborating artistically with my partner. 

All the artwork featured in this preorder was created as a part of the process of this album's conception and interpretation. The pieces are an extension and exchange with the songs themselves. Upon purchase of any item from the Preorder, you will receive a download of the B-Sides from this record, as well as the first single "Floating Off the Line". 

When you purchase a record, an art piece, or a limited-edition merch item, you are not only supporting the physical production and touring of HELLO BEAUTIFUL NOTHING -- you are supporting a community of artists and musicians working together.

Your support makes this entire musical organism possible and brings it into existence. We would be nothing without you. Infinite absolute thanks!

Sin Celery, 

CW LOTT  (AKA Vision Daddy)